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Who We Are

The Young Wazy Producers, since 2009 in Wetzikon, Switzerland

The Production Company which set their heart to Wetzikon.

The Story starts in 2009 where the Name Young Wazy was born.
Young Wazy is since 2015 official registered as an GmbH in Switzerland. 2017 Young Wazy made the step to the USA as Young Wazy Group LLC and brings Hollywood to Switzerland. .

We are specialist in producing the best marketing content that fits you, your brand or company.
Young Wazy produces all types of videos, photos and design with the goal to create something unique with the combination of Swiss quality and Hollywood creativity. Scroll down to see our works or watch the first video to get a view.

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Corporate And Image Films

Tell the story of your company

Unlike the commercial, a corporate or image film is not primarily intended to sell or promote products or services. Rather, he transports the philosophy and values ​​of a company.

It arouses feelings and provides the viewer with a relevant reason to be interested in a product or a venture. Each venture has its own personal story, this story needs to get to the bottom of it and turn it into a gripping story.

What is your story?

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Music Video

We create your Music Video

Audio is one part of the possibilities to tell a story, make your story stronger with visuals.

Young Wazy provides the unique style that your audience needs. Let’s create a music video that fits your artwork and make it perfect.

What is your story?

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Event Film

Show your Event to others

Young Wazy will give your audience the feeling of being there.

We keep events in the best memory which lets you visually tell the story to others and share the experience.

What is your story?

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Short Film

We produce your amazing ideas

With Young Wazys help, we will make your dream come true.

We always give our best and produce your film like we would be in Hollywood.

What is your story?

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Behind The Scene

The best way to show how you did the final product is by making a behind the scene.

Show the audience how your event looks behind the Stage.

Even a film production needs a behind the scene, we will capture and make it possible to show how your team works behind the camera.

What is your story?

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Young Wazy will provide you the best quality for your photo productions.

We will make you, your Team, your Company, your Brand or Product look like it should be and give people that see’s it a comfortable feeling.

People these day want to see who you are and what you provide visually so why not show them in the best and quickest way.

Contact us.

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Young Wazy designs all type’s creative design elements.

It begins with your Logo, we make it new and also can update and make it modern.

We also create Business Card, Flyers and Design Elements for your presentation. We Also Create simple and modern Websites.

Contact us.

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